Want To Use A Cartoon?

All of my cartoons are protected by copyright. If you want to share them on your personal social media feed just to help spread a thoughtful message, feel free (as long as you give me credit with a link back to one of my social media accounts). Any other usage (business use, publication, etc.) requires the payment of a licensing fee. 

I try to keep my rates in line with current industry standards:


$0 (Free!) to share on social media for non-commercial use, but you must credit my and link back to my website or social media account.

$11 to print on your own gifts (i.e. CafePress), non-profit classroom, or non-commercial website.

$20 – Presentations within an organization; newsletterpersonal use with family, friends, and colleagues.

$25 – Usage on a web forum (one URL only) or for commercial use on social media (including non-profits).

$55 – Personal website, blog, or other non-commercial electronic communication

$65 – Non-profit printed publication (academic journals, charities, etc.)

$110 – Commercial website, blog, or electronic communication (including non-profit)

Varied Cost: – Book, commercial magazine, catalogue, brochure, advertising, marketing, greeting cards, or other miscContact me for a price quote.

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