Pride Month: Contradiction

I posted this cartoon on the meme website 9gag where it received over 1,200 likes and counting. But I also got some pushback. 

The main criticism was that I was making a “straw man“ argument by conflating sexual attraction with sexual identity. Attraction and identity are two completely different things, they argued, therefore it is unfair for me to compare them.

I completely agree that sexual identity (gay or straight) is not the same as gender identity (male or female). However, both fall under the umbrella of human sexuality, which lately has become a muddled mess. Is sexuality biological, emotional, a social construct, or some combination of all three? If an adolescent feels a brief flash of same-sex attraction, are they gay? If a man has a lot of feminine personality traits, is he really trans? Is sexuality hard-wired or can it fluxuate and change? Answers from the LGBTQ movement are all over the map. 

Many gay people will tell you they were just born that way. But PBS quoted a study from the journal Science finding conclusively that there is no "gay gene" and that "there are environmental causes of sexual orientation."

Are people born trans? Boston Children's Hospital claimed kids know they are trans "from the womb". But Planned Parenthood says "Everyone's gender identity is up to them to define." 

Do you occasionally feel a brief, momentary attraction to someone of the same sex? You might be gay. Or not. Psychology Today says that sexual orientation can be fluid and changing. Unless you try to change someone's sexual orientation in the direction of "straight". That's "conversion therapy" and is banned in several states (even if it's what the person wants).

Are you confused about whether you are gay or trans, both or neither? The New York Times says you should explore everything until you figure it out. "When seeking a partner, 'male or female is pretty immaterial'...gender-queer or gender-fluid individuals may have an unfixed gender identity...When you settle on one thing, you have formed a barrier for yourself...The big question is: 'Am I happy?'".

In other words, it's all subjective. Attempts to organize modern ideas about sexuality into something clear and coherent is nearly impossible. It's gotten so bad that we now have a Justice on the Supreme Court who can't define what a "woman" is. So yes, I think it's fair to make cartoons pointing out the contradictions in the LGBTQ movement. It is built on shifting sand.

Personally I don't believe anyone "chooses" to be gay. As a Christian, I believe the Bible's teaching that we are born fallen, that is, broken by sin. We ALL have natural desires that we never asked for but nonetheless are sinful (greed, hatred, desire to lie, jealousy, pride, addiction, etc.) Each person may have their own unique demons to fight but just because an urge is natural or powerful does not automatically make it something you must follow. I reject the notion that "If I feel a strong desire, it must be good and therefore I must conform to it." That type of thinking can justify everything from overeating to pedophilia.

I also believe in a loving God who sent his Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. He stands with open arms ready to forgive and heal ANYONE who comes to him in humility and faith, no matter what has happened in their sexual past.

God created us a sexual beings, and His design for expressing our sexuality is best. Sex is a beautiful and sacred gift, meant exclusively for a man and woman in an intimate, faithful marriage commitment. Like fire, if kept in the fireplace it can be cozy and comforting and warm the house. If taken out of the fireplace, it can burn everything down.