Should Christians Always Be Nice?

Christians are supposed to be like Jesus. That means being nice, being kind, and seeking peace at all costs, right?

Actually, no. Not according to Pastor Doug Wilson. I stumbled upon this talk where he says sometimes being like Jesus means saying hard things people don’t want to hear. It means conflict. It means being hated. Of course we should never pick fights or rock the boat just because, but neither must we be always soft and gentle and say “Aw shucks” with our hands in our pockets. There are times when being tame can be just as wrong-headed and un-Christlike as is being a jerk.

Yes of course it is important to be kind and gentle. Love does not mean being a bully. But there are also times when the most loving thing to do is to suit up and slay the dragon.

Wilson is thoughtful, witty, and quotes a lot of Scripture. This talk is an easy listen and it gave me a lot to chew on.